Planning & Targeting

100 Ways to Target the US

Take the guesswork out of geo-planning with the SugarFree Geo Scenario Planner. Generate 100 scenarios for how to geo target the US from national to hyper-local and everywhere in between. Compare each scenario based on audience accuracy, reach and frequency estimates.

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Durable Datasets

Ditch your cookie-based datasets and access the SugarFree library of durable, privacy-safe 3rd party geo data for targeting, including population statistics, points of interest, trade areas and more. Activate cookieless datasets that have nothing to do with tracking individual web behavior.

Harness Geo-Level Sales Data

Struggling to scale your user-level 1st Party data? Don’t have any? Use SugarFree to harness the geo-level sales data you already have, and stop begging your existing consumers for permission to serve them more ads.

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Keep Your Media Partners

Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns without cancelling any of your existing media partners. Deploy ZIP targeting list on any buying platform that supports geo targeting, including DSPs, direct buys, walled gardens and retail media networks. There’s no need to change your publisher mix.

Optimization & Measurement

CTV Pod Stuffing

Ever see two of the same video ads within a single ad pod? Us too, so we build a report to detect these “Stuffed Ad Pods” and support optimizations into less cluttered inventory. Stop annoying consumers and start spreading out your valuable video ad impressions.

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Design Ad Experiments

Take control of performance measurement by orchestrating sophisticated ad experiments in your campaigns. Predict the likelihood of measureming incremental sales lift before launching your experiment.

Cohort Based R/F Optimizations

Measure impression saturation by ZIP to enable cohort-based frequency optimization. Move ad spend out of over-served geos into under-served opportunity areas. Effectively apply global frequency caps without cross-publisher tracking.

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