Hit Your Advertising Goals Without Being a Creep

As consumers, regulators, and big tech players clamp down on what's been dubbed "surveillance advertising", an industry scrambles to replace individual targeting & tracking with new technologies. But better a better use of energy may be to build tech that fully avoids individual tracking in favor on fundamentally anonymous approaches.

SugarFree builds software that allows brands to harness geography as a privacy safe alternative to the cookie. We think consumer trust can be byproduct of your marketing campaigns – as opposed to a casualty – with the right approach and the right set of tools.

Why I Founded SugarFree

I've worked with advertisers for over a decade to help them add thoughtfulness to targeting & measurement strategies amidst a growing sea of available consumer datapoints.

During stops at then-boutique agency Spark Foundry, cross-screen video disruptors TubeMogul and enterprise level personalization leaders Adobe, I found an ad industry obsessed with tracking, targeting and measuring individual people – despite a growing chorus of regulators and consumers saying they're not OK with this sort of behavior long term.

Could it make sense for advertisers to altogether reject hyper-personalized targeting and measurement in favor of approaches that are both broader-reaching and more consumer-friendly? SugarFree was founded to help brand & agencies answer this question for themselves.

Tom Riordan, Founder & CEO

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